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Fun Facts On Indian Food

Tap your toes and dance to the festive beats of a Bollywood soundtrack. When youre tired, whet your appetite with an assortment of scrumptious dishes from the various parts of India. Theres something here for everyone. But before you bite into that piping hot wada or chilled gulab jamun, here are some fun facts that will help you see food from India in a different light altogether. Traditional Indian food has only ONE main course. Instead of a number of… Continue reading »Continue reading »

AGFG Serve Your Palate at New Restaurant Sydney

Sydney restaurants are well known for serving their guests with authentic cuisines that would surely be long remembered. The city caters to the needs and taste of people of all income groups and all tastes.

Sydney is one of the cosmopolitan cities of Australia that has earned much popularity for being the world’s most beautiful and liveable cities. The place is well known for Australia’s culture, art, fashion, history and cuisines. Being located on ocean’s coastline, there are numerous of sandy surf beaches that offer visitors the needed refreshment. People looking for a break from their hectic schedule could visit the city to add fun and enjoyment to their lives. Sydney is a remarkable city that caters to the needs and interest of one and all.

Sydney not only has few popular tourists’ attractions, but also has numerous of hotels, resorts and restaurants that cater to the accommodation and dining needs of the visitors. The remarkable feature about these new restaurants Sydney is that they cater to people of all income groups. Whether a person wants royal and luxury services or wants to go for inexpensive dining option, Sydney offer remarkable food and luscious dishes to one and

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Philippine Food Cart Business

In the Philippines, the popularity of street foods and selling P1 food on the street is not a good business if you look at it in a customer perspective. How would you even earn profit from a P1 food? But not many people know is that in business, it is always a numbers game. Those people that have a food cart business in the Philippines know that this business is not about how lucrative is the price of your product. But how many can you sell all at the same time.

Reasons Why Food Cart Business is Successful

Food cart business is are the ones that deliver street foods that Filipinos love. They want to eat on the streets especially if it is cheap. It is also a “mirienda” food for all that they can also socialize to other neighbors.

Food Carts Are Cheap

For the businessmen, food carts are cheap! Ones you got a good profit from your first cart, its easy to buy another cart and hire somebody to sell. Split the profits with them and everybody happy. This is where the numbers game comes into play. Buy more and more carts that you can sell to anyone.

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